Little Celebration takes care of every detail for you so you can sit back and enjoy your child's birthday party.

We create everlasting joy-filled memories

With Little Celebrations you experience the innovative and unique birthday party ideas for your little one. Right from birthday theme decorations, organizing play area with kids rides, arranging fun kids shows and amazing food you will find it all under the umbrella our service.

At ‘Little Celebrations’, we create everlasting joy-filled memories, one big party at a time!!!

If you are wondering about the planning and organizing, then that should be least of your worries! Our expert team will help you set up a play area with our innovative and kids friendly play zone that allows the kids to play in a kid’s friendly and safe space, while you have your own party time. At Little Celebration, we pay extra attention to the safety and hygiene of all the rides and games, so that another worry is off your head!

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