Party @ Hogwarts


• Don’t miss the Hogwarts Express! Head through the wall at Platform 9¾ to start on your journey to Hogwarts

Invition cards

• Little Celebration wants the kids to feel like they are actually going on a Hogwarts adventure all of their very own! The invitation sealed with red stamp and your name on it will make you more thrilled for the party.
Sorting Hat-
• You entered in the Hogwarts now and it’s the time to get directed to the Sorting Hat area to get  sorted into your houses- Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, Gryffindor or Slytherin ? Let the wise hat choose the best house for you!
Flying with the Broom-
• The wonderful experience of ‘flying’ on a real wizard broom is beyond amazing. Let us do a little bit of photography magic to capture the moment when you can actually fly on your broom ! We will also print out a copy of your little one flying photo to take home with you as a fun memento of the day.
Wand selection-
•Let the little ones pick out one of the wands of their wish and  swish it in the air and say a spell !
The magical photobooth-
• Pose like a pro ! As a fun memento of the day, you will find the best photobooths over here. So put up your coat and swish your wand ! We are really to capture some damn cute wizards today and print each guest a copy for the same.
The Table-
• The tables would be settled with gold paper plates, silver goblets and candelabra and so much more ! Come enjoy the fest with us !
The Candy Shop-
• Remember the Honeydukes Sweet Shop ? Your search ends here with tonnes of favorite candies, sweets, desserts and much more !
And of course no wizarding sweet shop would be complete without Chocolate Frogs. (Kept safely under glass so they don’t bounce away !)
The Food table-
• You can’t have a party without party food ! We shall be inspiring you with some best Pensive Jellies , Pumpkin pasties, Fruit platter, Chocolate golden snitches, Butterbeer cupcakes and much more.  You name it we have it !
Herbology game-
• Let the next class be herbology where the goal is to plant little cute plants with soil, water and lots of mess !  Let the kiddos learn and enjoy this activity of plantation and then hand them to the parents to keep as a Harry Potter birthday party favor.
Potion Lessons game-
• Potions Class is much more fun when Professor Snape isn’t running the class !
Little empty potion vials to use and plenty of glitter, shiny shapes, colorful feathers and fillers like water, oil, and colour to make different types of potions making all kind of fun effect. So let the experiments begin !
The Quidditch game-
•Ready to win the Golden Snitch ?? Let us give you some awesome scavenger hunt games to play to get along with your little wizards.
Kids Furniture-
Let us design and set up the party furnishings like real Hogwarts Classroom ! Get amazed to see and experience the best art in terms of Decor and framework.
Light and sound-
• Imagine the Harry Potter music being played  all times ! How exciting is that ?? The surreal feeling of being in Hogwarts won’t be away for any moment now.
•This will be officially the coolest birthday party you will ever throw ! It beats the one where you get all the fun.  The party itself will be decorated as an emotion from inside out! From entrance to the cake table to the games to the food to all the adornments would be stunning and delightful.




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